Disable facebook suggested post [How to]

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If you get rid of annoying facebook suggested post ads and want to disable/hide/remove these suggested post from your wall news feed, then the below tutorials is helpful for you.

Facebook suggested post is a type of ad which allows page owners/brands to advertise their specific post. This Suggested Post can appear to anyone news feed without any user interactions or connections.

How to Disable/hide/remove Facebook Suggested Post:-

As i said above, Suggested post doesn’t need any user connection, and it can be shown to anyone news feed, So it is impossible to completely control these Suggested Post ads, but you can remove these ads individually, check it below how to:-


Step 1:- whenever, any suggested post ads will shown on your news feed, click on the top right corner button.

Step 2:- Now from the list, click on the hide and facebook will hide this ads from your news feed.

Hope this simple tricks might help you, We will share with you whenever we’ll find any powerful way to disable/hide/remove suggested post ads. If you know any other solution or know some extension, share with us in comments.

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  1. That’s not a solution, I don’t want to see them in the first place and I shouldn’t have to hide a suggested post every time

    • Totally agree chris. I HATE with a passion having advertising forced on me. I have never nor will I ever buy something because an ad was forced on me by facebook. I don’t want to see them and I should have to hide every freakin one of them.

  2. Nice suggestion but the box to the upper right corner will not stop flickering enough to list options. Just keeps rolling – there has to be a better way through the back way. Most irritating and enough to make me just pull the plug on FB completely. Like a used car salesman popping up in front of you constantly. Dang.

  3. jimmy dawes says:

    The best way I’ve found to get rid of the suggested posts is to install the amazing and free FB Purity browser extension. Once installed you will no longer see suggested posts in your feed. You can get it here http://fbpurity.com

  4. If you select HIDE, there is an option to never see posts again, with a response of
    “Posts from AARP will no longer appear in your News Feed. Edit News Feed options”

  5. This is a re-active solution, I’d prefer a pro-active solution.. in that regard, this is lame.. it still involves me seeing it and aknowledging it.. there are tons of others that will spring up so it won’t do anything to prevent annoyance.

    If you want a pro-active solution and you use chrome or firefox, something like this script is more effective.. it keeps it out of your view alltogether.


    I’ve not tested it but I’m sure there are other scripts for the same purpose.

  6. Someone has control over these ads. They have to be submitted in some process and someone has control over the global process for posting in News Feed. Let’s find that someone and negotiate a solution using axe handles.

  7. I just keep clicking “Report story or spam”. Maybe eventually they’ll get the hint.

  8. The Outcast says:

    Solution? Not on your life. It is Zook and Co just bringing in the line of ads on the right of you page (killed by FBP and ABP), and for higher paying advertisers, dumping them directly into your feed.
    The rationale that FB is honourable is hogwash. I tried and experiment late last year, logged on with IE instead of FF, and spent a long time killing every ad. Gave reasons…”Repetitive”, “Against My Views”, anything, and FB said you wouldn’t see them again. Baloney. Within 5 minutes they were back. Just clicking the link to remove, and depending on the morons at FB to do the right thing is beyond reason.

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