Facebook Profile Viewer/Tracker: Is Really True or Just a Spam

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Today Morning when I opened my Facebook account, I see many notifications from my friends, At First I’m amazed to see these notifications, because I’m not so active on Facebook, So it’s quite surprising to me. So I take a look to all notifications and all these notifications are from my friends who are claiming that they checked their profile and photo viewers with the below message,

OMG! I just noticed who keep watching my profile and photos. It was really shocking to know. Check who looks at your profile at http://pangivalley.com/profileviewer/

So I make research on it and finds how harmful this scam for you, So take a look to my research on this scam, and also aware all of your friends by sharing on Social website and get alert to don’t be trapped on these false promise scams.

At First glance, its looks genuine, as your friends share this message, So you trust on your friends and to check your own profile views,  you click on the link (http://pangivalley.com/profileviewer/) and this website will redirect you to the Facebook app page with following URL (http://apps.facebook.com/kyanitiainmrl/).

And Like a Normal app it request you for permission to make allow this apps to use your profile, It ask permission such as “Post to Facebook as me”, and if you allow this app then it will redirect you to the app page.

On the App page, it is looking like that the page is about to load, but it requires you to fill out surveys first and then to check your fake-profile viewer stats, and the same time it also update your status with the fake message, After filling survey there isn’t any Facebook viewer or tracker.

Now it is clear that what it the main motive of scammers to make these fake scam on the Facebook, Yes you are right “MONEY”, i.e. When you go to the app page then in background it will show you some fake stalkers(which are seems to loading), but you can only see after a security check(survey), and we are in flurry to checkout our top stalkers, and we fill-out the survey and makes some money to  scammers.

If you already fell in this scam, then first remove it from app page and report app as scam.

Scammers Used many apps, domain and different-2 message for this scam, If your find any other similar scam then comment below with the message and app link.


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