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Recently Google Launches the Schemer which is said to be an attack against Foursquare (a location based social networking website). Schemer helps you to share your daily activities with your friends.

Schemer is actually a Google+ app and it’s likely that you’ll be able to use it inside Google+ in the future. Google also promises to launch a mobile app for Schemer so you can find schemes related to your location.

The service is currently in beta and hence it is an invite based product for now. The service is said to be first announced on Google+, and was also promoted on Twitter by the Schemer team and product media partners. People, who are interesetd in joining Schemer, can register and add themselves to the waitlist on Schemer’s website.

Get Schemer Invites:-

Comment your Email Below. I’ll send the invitation to top 20 People, but each one can invite other 20 people.

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