Hate Timeline: Beware from Delete Timeline Scams

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From When Facebook launched this Timeline features, everyday it is on news. Almost 90% of people who used this timeline are not satisfied from this features and hackers and scammers make advantages from this.

Scammers prompt you to download files, like pages and watch YouTube videos. When you go to these scammers page they will ask you to install plugins(Simply Virus) and claims to remove timeline in 24 hours.

In Fact Timeline is permanent once a user activated it and it will be soon mandatory for all within weeks.

If you truly don’t like  facebook timeline then go to the official feedback page(https://www.facebook.com/help?page=240939812618946)

My suggestion is that go to this page Hate Timeline (Don’t ask you to install files and plugins)and left a comment why you don’t like timeline, so facebook will get a clue how many peoples are un-satisfied from this feature.

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I'm Shubham Yadav, B.Tech(I.T) Graduate from Behror, Rajasthan. You can follow me on Twitter. You also subscribe to Hack Illusion Feed via RSS or Email.


  1. i like to remove my timeline on my facebook

  2. heart hacker says:

    i hate timeline .. i want to remove it..plz tell me anyone how to remove it plzzzzz

  3. Thank you! But, why this Extension only works for my own profile? EEEEEEEEEEEH!

  4. plzzzz remove my timeliine plz… I hate timeline plzz plzzz plzzzz remove

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