How to enable Ad-hoc wireless networks on Samsung Galaxy Note

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If you are using Android smart-phones then you are also aware that android phones doesn’t support the Ad-hoc wireless networks. Sometime it became very annoying, recently I shared an apps Wi-fi Ad-hoc enabler on Hack Illusion, then i received an email from one of my valuable reader, he ask me to connect ad-hoc signal to his newly purchased Galaxy Note,(I also brought few days ago and did all settings on very first day), his situation is funny also, So I am sharing that email here because almost every new buyers also faced the same situation.

” Hello Sir,

Yesterday i purchased samsung galaxy note(n7000), and i am very happy to buy this phone. So in my home i created hotspot on my laptop and shared internet through my main internet connection(actually my friends told me about this hotspot function, he already used internet on his iPhone through ad-hoc). everything is fine here, after this i scan wifi signal on my phone and my phone don’t catch any wifi signal, I try all things but it is not work. I am thinking that my phone wifi is not working, and i go to the shop from where i buy it, and make a complaint on this, so one person are checking my phone and he said me your wifi is working and show me proof, I ask him the solution, then they only tell me that for this you have to root your phone and then enable the ad-hoc. So then I root my device from my friends(but he is only know rooting process) and then i do a lot of googling and find your this link for enable wifi adhoc, , but this apps is not working on my galaxy note. Will you tell me any other application name which works on my phone.”

After reading the above email you have enough idea, how less techie person faces the problems. So Here I am providing the same methods which I did to enable Ad-Hoc on my Samsung Galaxy Note,

Requirements to Enable Ad-hoc on Samsung Galaxy Note:-

1. You Devices is already rooted, If not then follow this Guide.

2. Need Root Explorer, Purchased it from android market, or download free from the below link

3. Download wpa_supplicant+Root Explorer from ( and extract both files on a folder.

How to Enable Ad-hoc for Wireless Networks on Samsung Galaxy Note:-

The whole process is to replace the existing wpa_supplicant file to the downloaded file from steps 3. Now check in brief,

Step 1:- Send Both files (wpa_supplicant+Root Explorer) on your Device either bluetooth or USB cable.
Step 2:- Now install Root Explorer.apk files and open it.
Step 3:- Now Go to this path /system/bin/ and click on Mount R/O Button to change from Read Only Mode to Read Write Mode.

Step 4:- Rename the wpa_supplicant to any new name and then move the new wpa_supplicant to same path(/system/bin/).

Step 5:- Now adjust file permissions of new file to same as below figure.

Step 6:- Change the /System/bin/ mode to read only mode.

Step 7:- Now Enable WiFi and connect your ad-hoc network like a normal wi-fi network.

Tell me, Is this method working for you.

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I'm Shubham Yadav, B.Tech(I.T) Graduate from Behror, Rajasthan. You can follow me on Twitter. You also subscribe to Hack Illusion Feed via RSS or Email.


  1. Can you pls give an example about what to write when ranameming da wpa supplicant

    • Hey Kari, we just rename wpa_supplicant to just secure original file, so you will be rename wpa_supplicant like, wpa_supplicant1, Original_wpa_suppliant etc.

      • Azharahmed says:

        its not moving from read only to write mode….
        i had tried alot but it is not moving..

        • Are you sure you have a rooted device?? If not then first root your device and then follow this method.

          • Hey Shubham, I followed the exact procedure. My Note is on ICS which i installed by rooting the device and upgrading it to official ICS. After replacing the wpa file, my wifi is not turning on at all. If i replace the original file, it starts working fine…any idea??

            • I am facing the same problem as on same device and system , pls. tell me which original file did you replaced with?

          • what u mean have a rooted device? still dont understand.. i have same problem with azharahmed

  2. works for me after a reboot.

  3. yes,it work prefectly.

  4. Aishwarya Jain says:

    Does not work it seems..I did as mentioned and can now see adhoc networks but trying to connect to it takes me to authentication and goes back to remembered. I have double verified password entered and rebooted my phone too but it does not connect. Authentication is not the problem but getting IP is the issue i think.

    Hope I’m making a mistake somewhere because I want this to work.

  5. It doesn’t work when computer use encryption(WEP or WEP2).

  6. Where can I get the supplicant file for ICS? I see many posts of people asking for it, but no solutions yet. Some folks have tried the Gingerbread supplicant file and say it does not work on ICS. I have the AT&T version of the Note (i717) using the leak of 4.0.3, but I don’t know if that makes a difference.

    • Hey Tobor,
      Wait until ICS will released for all Note, I’m using Gingerbread now, If i get then sure to back you.

  7. Dear Shubham,
    We have a lan connection on one of our office laptops, which we have shared for all of us to use wirelessly through our laptops and mobiles. moreover, we normally work on oil rigs and there its a normal thing that someone will have shared his internet for others to use wirelessly, but they dont use connectify and its normally an adhoc network with WEP and password. Can u plz tell me someway to make it work on my samsung galaxy note. I mean the office one and the others in general. our office one is also wep and password protected without connectify.
    regards and thanks in advance

    • Did you follow above method, By using above method your galaxy note will be able to use both ad-hoc wireless signal or router wireless signal(office signal or general wi-fi router signal)

  8. Hi,
    I have followed the step. But i cannot change the file Mount R/O from read mode to read write mode. By clicking on it also it says me nothing. so can u help me with it.
    Thanx & Regards

  9. Geekvitinh says:

    Perfect. Il works.
    PS: If you like a free application like root explorer, search for “File manager” and enable the root mode in the parameter.

  10. Unfortunately, now with the ICS, this is not working.
    Ha ‘you can somehow resolve this problem?
    Thank you!

  11. i did it but now my wifi gives ma error when trying to turn on !

    any help ?

  12. It is working in my Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE (SHV E120L).
    Thank you very much!

  13. Shubham, I have good news!
    He left the Indian ICS

    • Thanks Rodrigo, for alert, i got ICS update :)

      • hi shudham,

        thanks for the mod, but for the latest 4.0.3 DXLP9 the adhoc mod just not working as i seem we need a newer wpa_supplicant that compatible with the DXLP9 (saying so because the file size have huge different), i’m just having a wild guess here, after using this mod the note simply unable to turn on the wifi…

        hope will hear from you soon with the update as you’ve received your ICS as well :)


  14. hi dear admin
    this metod not working for android 4.0.3 plz help
    when do it, wi-fi disabled?!!!!!!!
    plz help me

  15. Any news? AdHoc for ICS is urgently needed.
    plz help

  16. max schwartz says:

    hello, do you test this on samsung young?
    thank you very much

  17. Hi. How about ad-hoc for galaxy s3?

    • compiler says:

      Please any help on the galaxy s3? This method stops the wifi from coming on on the Galaxy S3.

      Any help will be useful. Thanks.

  18. Hii shubham

    is it any simple way to rooted ICS, plz share with us step by step
    is this method works with ics tablet
    thanx in advance

  19. hi admin.
    i do all what you say and rooted my galaxy note but when i search for the networks i can’t find the adhoc network.
    please help me…..
    thank you

  20. abhilash says:

    not working on gb or ics note

  21. Funrunna says:

    I could get this to work on GN7000 with android 2.3.x but I cannot get it to work under ICS… Is there an updated version that works under ICS?

    I am considering dropping back to 2.3.x but, would prefere not to have to if you can suggest a fix.

    Kudos for the support you provide on behalf of Android users and thanks ahead of any reply to this comment!

  22. hey… my now wifi keeps turning and off automatically after doing the above procedures what do you recommend?

  23. AlienwareAR says:


    First of all, thanks for your work..!
    Well, I’ve a Samsung Galaxy Note and it actually works on GB.
    But now, on ICS it doesn’t work.. Once replace the original wpa_supplicant (555.61K) with the new one, I can’t start the wifi too.. I’ve really checked it’s all right, like root, permissions..
    And before, in GB, I’m able to connect to my Ad Hoc Network Hotspot created by Ubuntu 12.04.. Please, is it a new method to do the same job in ICS..?!?!

  24. Remo Rackman says:

    I seem to have the same problems as the others running ICS, I replace the wpa_supplicant with no problems but the wifi will no longer turn on.
    I am using the AT&T Galaxy Note, rooted, and with BusyBox installed. I do not get any errors, just cannot turn on wifi.

    I am still looking and trying different solutions but nothing has worked yet.

    Please email when there is a working solution for ICS,

    Thank you very much

  25. Fantastic… easily worked on my nexus s ics 4.0.4. Thank you very very much.

  26. Hi,
    I had a querry that if this method also worked on any other rooted android devices, such a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

    Many thanks in advance.

  27. Hi,

    It does not work with ICS 4.0.4.

    Any idea?


  28. hello sir,
    i tried the above steps, but it is not able to enable wifi, again i re installed the original wpa_supplicant now it is working fine, what is the problem? the file is corrupted?


  29. @Biju…
    am also facing the same issue.. Looking for a right wpa_supplicant file for Galaxy S2 4.0.3 ics…..

  30. it does not work on galaxy nexus with 4.1.1 :(

  31. tej yadav says:

    i hve galaxy s3 and trying to connect from adhoc connection but when i am going in wps supplicant shows read only and can;t be rename. please suggest how i will move forward

    • @ tej yadav, To modify the permissions in your file system..

      1. You need to be a super user. Check this

      2. Download Root Explorer app to change the permissions then..

  32. After replacing the wpa file, my wifi is not turning on at all. it gives me an error message… please help me on this shubham as i need a wifi on the phone….. i guess i have deleted the original wpa file or config file i am not sure hence help me….

  33. Dear people,
    I have tried these steps and guess what, the wifi is not enabling.
    I have ICS 4.0.4 (N7000DDLR2)

  34. Hi Subham Can you provide me some settings for Galaxy S3 Phone to Enable Adhoc.
    I tried the above mentioned trick as well as Adhoc Enabler trick but nothing worked please help me…..

  35. Works on android tablet 4.0 :P

  36. Shubham, We need you for ICS on Note, :P

  37. After this work ad hoc displayed in my phone. But it always scanning and remembered and disconnect. Why?????

  38. Same here for me on ICS..wifi wont start up. Seems the only solution for now is using Connectify on a Windows 7 machine and set up a WAP instead since Android will see that. Of course I brought my Vista laptop with me on vacay (which worked with iPhone the last 2 years) that doesn’t support WAP so i’m stuck goign to the lobby of the hotel if i want to use wifi on my Note. Oh well..ill know for next year to bring a W7 laptop.

  39. Hi Shubham Yadav,

    I’m owner of a Galaxy S2 skyrocket (rooted) running JellyBean 4.2.1 and I’m having problems to find ad hoc networks (from my Ubuntu) to my cellphone. I know that some android devices can’t connect in ad hoc networks, but as per your tutorial, you did for G. Note! Do you have either any wpa_supplicant file for JellyBean or any other way to enable the ad hoc on my phone!?

    thank you!

  40. thanks ,,, it works like a charm,,, i am using htc dream ,, and your method worked thnaks alot

  41. On Samsung Galaxy Y S5630 Android 2.3.6 the wpa_supplicant available at the link provided in the post doesn’t work (no errors, but the scanning can’t find any network).
    Here I found a slightly earlier version of wpa_supplicant dated 7 Apr 2011 instead of 30 Apr 2011 and… it works! (at least for me it works)

    Thank you Shubham!


  42. Lol, it’s a Galaxy Y GT-S5360… of course I did a typo when I wrote S5630 :-p

  43. Hi,
    I’m using my Note with JB 4.1.2.
    Any news with the wpa_supplicant file pls ?
    Thanks for your job

  44. Hi, thank you for your tutorial, but the link to download files is dead already:
    Can you please provider me the link for wpa_supplicant file ?

    Tks alot,

  45. Zorain shahid says:

    I recommend not using this method or anyother that replaces the stock a solution just download connectify software people.n create a wep connection .works like a charm. : )

  46. android 2.1 applications I am pleased to welcome Bryant

  47. Not working for samsung galaxy s2….do everything the same..but still adhoc network is not showing in my wifi list……lolzzz…. it waste my time…..may b work for you..must try it….


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