How to Remove Facebook Timeline?

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How to Remove Facebook Timeline? , How can I get back my old Facebook profile?How do i disable my Facebook Timeline? How I remove TimelineThese are the question which every Facebook users wanna to find the answers after the released of Facebook timeline. But they failed, so i decided to write this tutorial..

Remove Timeline:-

Update:- Disable Timeline By Using User Agent. (100% Working) 


remove timeline

When you search on the internet then you find many articles on how to disable the Facebook timeline? but these articles are not working now. When this Facebook Timeline was in the beta version at that time you can remove timeline by removing the developers apps, but Now Facebook is live and you can’t remove the Facebook Timeline.

Some people also mentioned that, deactivating your Facebook account once and reactivating it removes timeline. but this also not work. So friends it  is worth to searching the method to remove the Facebook Timeline and after some time everyone on Facebook will be rolled over to timeline.

Tell me what is your opinion on Facebook Timeline or you have any ways to remove timeline.

 Update: If you are against timeline then go to this page and left your comment why you hate it, Hate Timeline and also Beware from delete timeline scam for more read here

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  1. I hate facebook timeline. If this doesn’t change soon I will be deleting my account and going to google +….

    • me too. this is ridiculous. facebook needs to keep are pages they way they are and stop adding all this new mess. if i cant change it back its going to be deleted as well as many other people i see complaning about this foolishness, Its ugly!

    • google what? how do you remove the timeline?

      • Hey Swelp,
        Read this post and disable timeline

        • hey subham will u be my frnd on fb and then u tell me nicely how to delete my facebook timeline

          • Hey Mohit, check my this post to disable timeline tutorial if you still find any problem then reach me on Facebook from here…

    • google plus is pretty much crap too. I was forced by google to sign up to it and find all my personal pictures on it! I was like WTF??! How the heck did they get there? They were only on my Facebook and somehow landed there, including my personal email public.

  2. Gordana Janice says:

    everyone is upset with timeline, it has major quirks, private things became public, most of history has disappeared and basically it is a nuisance learning where everything is …. again!!! …. facebook in general is criticized for it’s lack of choices in options and has never rectified this with giving an option in drop down lists of using their own wording … and the main upset is that the button for timeline said “try it” and we are now stuck!!! This was a major con of all users … off to find a more sociable & respectful social site … any suggestions?

    • You sir are 100% correct in the fact that it is “DECEPTIVE SOCIAL ENGINEERING”. The TRY IT function is deemed to be a trial and not permanent. I WILL delete my account and make sure all of my contacts delete their accounts if this disregard for privacy continues.

    • yep, all my private stuff became public too. Stupid Facebook!

  3. Because I never test-drove timeline I still don’t have it, but I suspect that once it is forced down my throat on the 23rd I will delete my account and go to Google+ or simply go back to email and sharing photos on Flickr or HotShots. FB started out as a great idea, but they seem to have gotten the idea that they are now too big to fail, and can ram their ideas down everybody’s throats without repercussions. The kids who already seem to have no conception of privacy may stick around, but I’m betting the adults will be leaving in droves.

    • Same thing happened with AOL many years ago. We used to have access to Newsgroups, Chat Rooms, Instant Messaging (not the crap we hae now), searches were easy, and you could find your older posts in new story comments fairly easily. Now, all of their “We-know-better-than-you” attitude has made many of my old AOL friends leave. The only reason I still use AOL is that my e-mail address has been the same for well over 10 years, and everyone knows me that way. I recently opened a Yahoo account, but they’re worse than AOL. At least with AOL I can filter out the spam and never see it (unfortunately it isn’t working too well). Yahoo is nothing but spam. Like you, I never “test drove” timeline, and when something popped up and offered it to me, I managed to write to FB and tell them, “NO F***ING WAY!” So far, I’ve still got the old settings, but if it shows up, I’m going to manually delete EVERYTHING from my account, tell FB what I think of them, and delete my account all together. Those kids that run FB have no idea what the hell they’re doing.

  4. i heat timeline i want to remove it

  5. facebook timeline sucks says:

    a lot of people are going to delete their facebook accounts because of timeline. they definitely should have given users the option to switch back to the old facebook.

  6. I hate facebook f****g timeline!!!!!!!!! it let stalker to see more easily! we have no full control, thumbnail are getting bigger and easy to see, I’m promise will delete my account if this is cantinue!! f**k u facebook!! f**k privacy urrrrrggggggg

  7. I HATE timeline! I want them to delete it!


  9. its very baaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!

  10. i hate it
    feels like exposing my life on a shop window
    and its

  11. shane royena says:

    how to remove facebook timeline?

  12. I do not like the facebook timeline. It is difficult to use and read. It looks good but it sucks to use. I don’t want a high school collage page. I want to get rid of it NOW.

  13. timeline is fakinn rubbiisshhh!!!

  14. wtf!! the is too crazyyy!!!!i hate timeline
    i more likely to prefer my old fb account than timeline

  15. Fred Tanrikut says:

    I would suggest everybody who dont like time line should disable their accounts so that facebook guys come to know that no one like this new thing. If some one like the time line option then facebook should find a way that people can choose if they want current profile look or the timeline… That would be best thing. but to force users to chose timeline is not good thing.

  16. I absolutely hate the new look & I would highly consider deleting my Facebook if I have to keep it permanently.


  18. Arnav Akarsh says:

    well know let’s fix it in FireF0x:
    1, While in Firefox click the Orange Firefox button and add-ons.

    2, Now the add-on window will be opened. Now Look for the search bar on Top Right and Search “User agent Switcher” and when search completes and the results come click on the install button and Restart Firefox.
    3 If you don’t see the plugin’s icon in the navigation bar, right-click the navigation bar and select Customize.

    4 Look for the plugin button and drag & drop to the navigation bar.

    5 Now, just click the User Agent Switcher button and navigate through Internet Explorer and select Internet Explorer 7

  19. Arnav Akarsh says:

    any problem contact me on

  20. While it is not possible to remove or delete the new Facebook Timeline page layout, there is a way to hide it from yourself and see the original Facebook page layout . . . with a few caveats.

    Please visit this URL to see and in-depth commentary and solution to this annoying problem:

  21. tommy jones says:

    you can get the old profiles back and remove facebook timeline easily, heres how:

  22. timeline sucks.

  23. Thanks for the link Tommy, but allow me to add a clarification to your remarks. As I point out in the aforementioned blog post, using the Internet Explorer 7 user-agent trick, along with Steve’s new tweak to F.B. Purity does NOT remove Facebook’s Timeline page layout. All it really does is HIDE it from you, so that you can see the original Facebook page layout. If you have already switched to Timeline, visitors to your page will STILL see Timeline, unless they too implement the user-agent trick. I can also confirm that the latest version of F.B. Purity — 6.4.1 — does in fact fix the large white space at the top of the page when you use the user-agent trick. I am using it now.


    I suggest everyone write a suggestion (ie. complaint) about timeline on the above link at least 5 times a day…. maybe then those at Facebook with get a clue!!!

    Also, I have been hearing there are a lot of computer hackers/viruses going around pretending to be a solution to getting rid of timeline. Probably a good idea to stay away.

  25. it doesnt suck you guys
    Dear God (funny prayer)

  26. i just hate it..changing to timeline is my biggest regret!!..i wish that i could turn back to the old one..:( i really2 hate it coz i can’t control my wall anymore..i don’t know where to find the setting for wall..such as like the old one has option that we can choose to hide our activity..but know i don’t know where the hell it goes!! so pls if anybody in this world has the solution to this matter…i wanna get rid timeline!!.. if i’m a mark zuckerberg, definitely i’ll fired whoever create this such stupid program!! timeline is suck!!

    p/s; fb should give us a chance to try the timeline’s suppose to be like that!

  27. i dont like time line says:

    i want it remove becose its so bad and if i shear any thing i don’t know where it in my wall and i will remove my account in face book if the manger he is have way to stay or remove time line i miss old wall in face book and i don’t w8 to much too back old time :(

  28. i want to remove my fb timeline someone can help me please?

  29. sure…its time to switch to google+
    i just out of mind on how stupid facebook implement timeline!

  30. Hate the timeline its so screwed up!!! Why do they keep changing fb? Simpler is better I guess fb didn’t get the memo. Didn’t know I couldn’t change back.

  31. timeline( you are out) says:

    yah, the person who make Timeline is just for only business. time line(NEW PROFILE), makes facebook webside will not make success more.message to those who are in old profile(you all are save ) plizzzzzzz dont try new profile(like time line)

  32. Stupid Facebook :(

    • Don’t Be Sad.. Disable Timeline by Using Timeline Remove Read Here

  33. It can be done rather well. This lecture still holds today.

  34. GRRR!!! I thought timeline was AWESOME but it SUUUUUCKS!!!!!!

  35. cutiebarbie says:

    i hate facebook all my updates show’s on my wall and that is not so fun

  36. GREG ADCOCK says:


  37. mudassar siddiq says:

    i hate time line because it irritate me i just love my old profile. it was simply best

  38. i hate timeline..i want the old design in facebook..
    how to removed the timeline??please tell me how..

  39. I Hate timeline beacause i cant do anything it is bad and so terrible if they just didnt remove it ill go to google + or twitter or myspace THAT TIMELINE IS VRY BAD

  40. its really fuck all facebook….. really fucks now time line go to hell atleast dey sud have made some option to revert bak to old 1. now left wid only option deleting account and at de end fuck developers of facebook

  41. SURAJ KAUSHAL says:

    Hate timeline

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