Malicious Android Apps Just Doubled to 1000 in Six Months

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According to a latest report released on Tuesday, claims that malicious android apps are just doubled to 1000 in last 6 months.

According to company, ” The vast majority of those dubious apps are found in third-party app stores and alternatives to the official Android Market and we won’t share any names. We’re not trying to light any fire on the Android Market’s competition, but this could only be the result of bad curating by the other guys in the business. ”

They also Mentioned that in study

- “2011 has seen the emergence of a credible field of Android malware with a 4 percent yearly likelihood of an Android user encountering malware, which was a significant increase compared to the beginning of the year. In the beginning of 2011 we measured a 1 percent yearly likelihood,”

- “The U.S. is in the middle of the pack in terms of mobile malware compared to other countries, including Russia, Israel and China,” said Derek Halliday, senior security product manager at Lookout.

- “The global yearly likelihood of an Android user clicking on an unsafe link is 36 percent (6 percent higher than July 2011),” the report says. “In the United States, the likelihood is higher than the global average at 40 percent.”

Our advice to you is that even though there are so many ways to root your device, or to choose between App Stores, the best is that you stick with what your consider safer. For some, replacing their smartphone for another is easy, but for a large majority of the US market, a Smartphone is a two year investment that’s not worth risking. Look out for in-app ads within third party App Stores and also read the reviews to see what customers have experienced with an app before purchasing.

Source: CNET News

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