Protect yourself from Phishing Attacks using FB Phishing Protector

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Phishing is a widely used hacking technique that cyber criminals used to steal others login informations, secure credentials such as- your online account details, Facebook password , credit-card details etc.

Basically, In phishing attacks cyber-criminals creates a “look-a-like” webpage that is designed to resemble the target website, and then spread these fake page URL’s via Emails and steals their account informations, such as- Scammers creates a fake Facebook login page, and send it to the targeted users, so when the users trying to login on fake website, all information goes to the scammers and then the fake page redirects to the original facebook website. Most of people never realized about this scenario and they easily becomes targets of hackers.

Previously i wrote an article on 5 best ways to protect yourself from phishing attacks, but what will be batter to automatically detect Phishing Website, So here is Mozilla Firefox extensions, called FB Phishing Protector.


FB Phsinng Protector add-ons helps to protects you from Phishing or Scams (through XSS injection attacks) while you’re on Facebook.

This extension will warn you when an unusual activity is detected on firefox browser, such as a script injection attempt or a website other than Facebook requesting your credentials.

Download FB Phishing Protector

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