So what’s next after the Jelly Bean?

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The recent rumor doing the rounds states that the next version, after Android’s 4.1, Jelly Bean is in the works and Android has named it “Key Lime Pie” and Android is yet to decide on the numbers 5.0 & 4.1. Upgrades from the Jelly Bean are likely to see the codec plug-in for multimedia support and enhance user interface components. Multitasking in real time is the next break through for Android and looks like the Lime Pie version might be the first Android app to implement this. Multitasking in real time is the function to switch between two or more apps and use them simultaneously.

Android “Key Lime Pie” is said to have a release date on Christmas Eve or sometime early 2013. Google and Android having the habit of naming their User-Bases after deserts and candy; Christmas Eve would be the perfect time to release “Key Lime Pie 4.1 or 5.0” as a gift for all Android users which will certainly be something to look forward to. The Jelly Bean has its own sculpture put up at Google’s head office next to all the other sculptures placed alphabetically from Cupcake to Jelly Bean, the next in line is surly Android’s Key Lime Pie.

As Android’s 4.1, Jelly Bean is only flourishing in the market and has had a release date sometime July 2012, and most of the high-end smartphones and tablets are released with 4.1 Jelly Bean versions. So, it would be a perfect time for Google to release Android’s Key Lime Pie within the next six months or so. The upgrades and added features that can be expected for Key Lime Pie are:

  • The key improvements done for Jelly Bean from Ice Cream Sandwich was mainly focused on handling features making it more touch sensitive, interactive, friendly, and to make it work smoother and faster. No drastic change done to the UI, instead small changes done to the core foundation of the UI, like tweaking up the virtualization software, giving it more smoothness for the user. The same can be expected for Android’s Key Lime Pie, minor changes done to the UI to make it more compatible for the newer version.

  • As soon as the Android’s 4.1, Jelly Bean was released most of the best selling apps in Google’s app store got an update to make it more compatible with the Jelly Bean versions. Further updates to these apps can happen as soon as Android’s Key Lime Pie is ready. Hoping Google comes out with more utility apps based on the Key Lime Pie version, rather than having to upgrade existing apps.

  • Based on Android’s history, every time there has been an upgrade or coming out with a new version of a User-Base altogether, there has been significant improvements done to make the existing UI support a wider range of devices. Android based gadgets are becoming more common and affordable, there are literally 100’s of new electronic manufacturing companies coming up every day and most of them are Android based manufacturers. Based on Key Lime Pie’s performance there will be various fixes and tweaks done to fix minor issues like fixes of bugs and will find ways on improving user functions and removing unwanted glitches.

  • Android’s Key Lime Pie would have a 64 Bit OS with added core support to what Jelly Bean already has to suit all types of gadgets.

These are a few upgrades that can be expected from Android’s next version of operating system.

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