The Cost of Data Storage Throughout the Years Infographic

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Whether you are a computer geek, a business man or new to computer world, Data Storage playing a major role in today tech-era life. With the help of technology we can easily travel with thousands of gigabytes data that seemed impossible at one time. The first hard drive called RAMAC 305 was the size of 2 refrigerators and that cost about $10,000 per megabyte.  While-as now you can easily carry 1 terabytes of storage in your pocket that cost you around $3000.

So here i found a cool infographic by Rockland IT Solutions, About the cost of data storage through the years. This infographic delves into the price of data storage throughout the years beginning with the first hard drive on the market, Compare to back 1979 per megabyte of data storage cost is $233 while in 2005 it only left to $0.0006 per megabyte. Check out below infographic for more stats about the cost of data storage with time.


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