Top 7 Website for Timeline Covers

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Facebook just released timeline features for everyone to express ourselves on our Facebook page with a big banner behind profile pictures. According to Facebook on timeline you can share and highlight your most memorable posts, photos and real life events from beginning, to middle, to now. But all situations are going to wrong directions and the people who love Facebook is now hate it(yes really, I received many comments and email from timeline users, and almost 90% of people are hate this timeline features) and many people are happy after read the reviews that still they don’t activated timeline, but Facebook is soon to activated it for everyone.

You can only disable timeline for few times periods not permanently, so better is you have to accept it and use it, may be you like this(Personally I’m not so much Facebook addicted, in the beginning its make me nervous but after few days I love this new changes). So if you want to make your profile look better and creative you have to add the cover photo.

So here I am sharing top 7 website which helps you to make your profile covers creative and unique. These website have thousands of covers in different categories like Abstract, Nature, Sports, Entertainment and a lot more and also you can create your own covers with your pictures.

Checkout my timeline covers, are you like my cover pic and give the rank  between 1 to 5.

1. CoverCanvas:-

2.  Facebook Profile Covers:-

3. Timeline Cover Banner:-

4. FbCoverPix:-

5. Pic Scatter:-

6. 99Covers:-

7. CoverYoFace:-

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